It’s called, Uniquely Yours, Stability Support. Homeless Prevention & Moving out of Homelessness. Now meet Robin, CEO of this amazing organization. CEO is an understatement here. My two hours with Robin seemed only minutes long with non stop excitement as she explained the mission and accomplishments of UYSS. “Collaboration” is key in reaching out to the community for solutions of the underlying causes of homelessness. “Service Link Program” include doctors, dentists, vision, auto mechanics, city cab, shoe stores, heating & cooling, utility and many more. Basic Life Skills, Interview, Computer Lab, Reading Glasses, Hygiene Items and Community Resource Navigation. Employability Program, Money Management, Parenting, RentWise, Self-Esteem, Stress-Management, At-Risk Youth Workshops. WOW,,, let’s stop here and take a breath,,,,, I think you get it. Right in Downtown Fremont, between 1st and 2nd street on main, we have another wonderful property and people making this community great.

Photos by: Richard Rader

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