Historic Downtown Fremont

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Cigarettes and Snack Outlet

Hanging out over there on broad street I came across this little shop just south of Love Larson Opera House, the Cigarette and Snack Outlet. Pretty much inside as the sign on the awning proclaims, cigarettes and snacks. The sign doesn't say anything about what one...

Pinnacle Bank

The Great Depression inspired George and Tom Dinsdale and friends to do something to help people. They ran their bank much like they ran their farms earning the trust of their community. In the 1950s, George’s sons Roy and Jack opened banks across Nebraska, then on to...

Doe’s Place

"You took my senior pictures back in the 80's" were the first words out of her mouth when I introduced myself to Jamie the owner of Doe's Place. So I gave her a big hug and made another great friend. Pictured we see Max, Jamie and Olivia two of the bartenders here. So...

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