Downtown Business Improvement District #1

A Business Improvement District (BID) enables property owners and businesses within a defined area to pay for necessary services or improvement above and beyond what government can provide.  A BID often serves to formalize loosely defined relationships in order to equitably fund and implement improvement area activities. The Nebraska Legislature authorized BIDs in 1967. The Fremont Downtown Business Improvement District #1 was established in 2017.

The Fremont Downtown Business Improvement District #1 is made up of 11 volunteer board members that are involved in a collective contribution to the maintenance, development and promotion of the downtown area. They advise for the use of the downtown occupation tax funds and hear appeals to the amount of tax.

Board Members

5-year terms – February (Meet when called upon)

Name Telephone Date Appointed / Reappointed
Bob Missel 402.721.0591 9-13-2016
Roxie Kracl 9-13-2016
Vince O’Connor 9-13-2016
Howard Krasne 402.721.2777 9-13-2016
Kevin Main 402.727.8988 9-13-2016
Tom Coday 402.727.6353 9-13-2016
Glen Ellis* 402.512.3994 9-13-2016
Richard Register 402.727.9248 9-13-2016 (a)
 Jerry Johnson 9-13-2016 (a)
 Bill Parks 9-13-2016
J.J. Bixby 7-31-2018 (a)

* Chairman + Alternate (r) Re-appointed (u.t.) Unexpired Term (a) Appointed




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